4 thoughts on “Kumpulan Press Media Newspaper untuk Cecillia Young

    1. Ryan

      Nice article. However, I dreagise that the ability to connect with people emotionally comes with age because people gain more experience of emotions themselves. If only simply having experienced particular emotions were sufficient to reproduce them in a performance!I think there are a couple things to remember here. Firstly, emotion experienced from music is very individual. What one person experiences from a particular performance may be very different to what another experiences from the same.In a way, we project our *own* feelings onto whatever happens to be played to us. Thus, it doesn’t actually matter if the performer hasn’t actually experienced say, love. All that matters is that the performer knows intuitively how to play something musically, and individual audience members will get from that whatever they choose to see in it. Sometimes I actually wonder if there is a sort of placebo effect going on, whereby the expectation that a performer is young and immature drives us to hear less in their performance.The second thing is that actually putting individuality into music is a question of the mental maturity to actually do it. This is a subtle point. It takes great focus to think individually about every note and every phrase throughout a whole performance, but this is exactly what is required, in practice as well as in performance. To keep focusing in this way is an almost zen like skill that takes years of practice to achieve, over and above the years it requires to achieve your basic level of technical capability. It is much easier just to leave a lot of it up to muscle memory, and let the notes play themselves. The problem with this is that the nuances are lost. Nobody practices enough that every last detail is ingrained into muscle memory and anyway, to do so would require the same skill as just described in the first place! Nor would it be desirable, because of course the performance should to some extent be judged and matched to the particular occasion.I was happy with the choice of winner. I didn’t think the judges were actually doing Callum any favors by putting him through this year. Had he been given another opportunity to come back in 2 or even 4 years time, I think he would have stood a much better chance of winning.

    1. Ilailaila

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